Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wacky Fam

SOOOOO I thought I'd just slap some pics up here, so here goes.

So during the first week my cousin Gavin an I decided to drive around to some of the closest beaches an explore. First we stopped an saw Lady Liberty's smaller cousin. Ha. It was actually pretty stormy that day as you can tell by the dark clouds comin in. But the rain hits in heavy spurts, soaks you through an is gone again. 

Here he's being the lil mermaid. He's a nut job, haha. Ya'll would love him, he's got a TON of energy but he's super cool an the easiest person to get along with. A very lovable crackhead. Ha.

This seriously almost looks like the Oregon coast but the water here is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. No lie. I can just sit an stare at it for hours. Here you can't really tell but it's still a gorgeous blues. =)

Here's three of my adorable 2nd cousins. From L to R. Illy's buddy Juan, the adorable Mathias (it was his birthday) and the pretty Amaya. Mathias turned three an it was Firefighter theme as you can see and he is like the most beautiful boy ever, he's such a little boy, even with his long curly blonde hair and he has the cutest raspy voice. I love all three of these kiddies though! Anyhow, Mathias's mom (my cousin) Mona knows the fire chief an so she had them come by with the firetruck while the party was goin on. When it pulled up Mona freaked out more then the kids! ha she was hollering and screaming with excitement, telling Mathias to get out there. He hurriedly put on his firemen gear on  and ran to the truck. They got to climb all over it. It was super cute. =)

He's actually trying to hit a pinata here, it was super hard to break. 

Now Amaya's turn to SWING!! But she can't break it open either...

Thus ensued Gavin's crazy antics while trying to break open the Pinata so we could all finally have some candy! =)


Becky said...

Is this the cousin that almost got into a fight with the drunk guys?If he likes red heads that he's not related to he can always come to Oregon to visit LOL :)Hope you are having a wonderful time :)

Destiny said...

lol lovable crack heads :)

Mz Drea said...

Ha yes that'd be the cousin. Well I'll see what I can do, meeting a redhead in Oregon just might be his "Destiny". haha ;)