Thursday, March 29, 2012

Matapang Beach

Day ONE! We went to Matapang Beach right near Hotel Row. We were trying to go to Ritidian Beach. It's this beautiful beach my fam went to last time they were in Guam. I was in my Uncle Steven's car with my cousin Gavin and in the second car was my Grandma and Grandpa with my mom and Uncle Jerry. Well we drove out to Ritidian and there's a TON of potholes! We were literally like bouncing from side to side. Ha. Then we saw it was closed for construction stuff so we tried to go out to one of the private beaches nearby. Uncle Steve decided to try a dirt road with even worse potholes, we got half way down that road an decided to turn around and go all the way back. It was a long ride an we really wore out Grandma. Whoops. 

Here's the beautiful Guam beach, Matapang. Wonderful blue water, really calm, it's a good distance from the reef here, so waves don't really come in. 

So first time swimming in the ocean, guess what happens!!?? Well I'm with my mom an we go swimming out a bit farther, we're just floating an chilling and I put my leg down to stand up an as soon as I do I feel this really sharp jab in my leg. Well at first I though it was a stick or something but then I realize there's nothing below me but sand. So I swim back in shore a little and my mom and I look at my leg an there's a perfect imprint of TEETH in a circle on my leg. I was like "A fish just BIT ME!!" An there was this Japanese guy near me with a camera an snorkel gear an he keeps saying, "coral fish, coral fish." Apparently he saw it bite me and both him an his son had gotten bit too! My uncle swam out there to try an find it to capture it but it was darting around like freaking out. It was a Hawaiian needle fish. They have like these long beak like mouths an he said he thought it was maybe trying to protect it's eggs. So below is the bite, it's kinda hard to see but it was a good bite an it later bruised. Dumb fish! Ha. Of course it went for the white meat. ha.

Well that was my first time in the beautiful, warm, sometimes mean Guam ocean. Ha.

Peace an Love!


Court Lynn said...

ah hahahaha i can't stop laughing about this heehee so funny... sorry i shouldn't laugh at someone in pain ill fix that....
Oh my gosh Andy!!! are you ok?!?!?! (how's that better?) haha

Kris Altringer said...

Wow!! Beautiful beach!! Not jealous at all though cause we just got back from the Oregon Coast!! :)

Becky said...


Mz Drea said...

Kris I'M JEALOUS! Oregon beach, sooooo much better. hehe. Jk. Glad you got away.

HAHA BECKY! Actually funny story, I was out with my all my cousins an we ran into about 6 soliders, 2 of them were black an my cousin almost got into a fight with them. But they were drunk an stupid so I decided I wouldn't go for them. Haha. I guess there's always next time..... ;)